The Respect Foundation

The Respect Foundation was founded by Keyon L. Dooling and his wife Natosha Dooling in 2012. The mission of the organization is to provide support, resources and information to help ensure the safety of all children regardless of age, race or sex.

What We Fight For

Sexual Abuse Awareness
Drug Abuse Prevention/Education
Safe Communities
Diverting Youth from Criminal Justice System
Mental Health Awareness
Reducing Gun Violence/Violent Crime
- Who we are

The Respect Foundation was founded by Keyon L. Dooling and his wife Natosha Dooling in 2012 and received its 501 (c)(3) status March 1, 2014. Mr. Dooling is a retired professional basketball player with the National Basketball Association. For many years, he struggled with the reality of being sexually assaulted as a child and from that personal experience felt a calling to lend his time, treasure and talents to protect the innocence of children. His personal goal is that no child should have to endure a sexual assault or any poly-victimization without an opportunity for restoration and healing.

For the past few years the Respect Foundation has spring boarded basketball camps as a platform to communicate an awareness message of restoration, teach critical life skills, team building and mental wellness through various workshops and presentations entitled the I AM RESPECT TOUR. The foundations’ belief is that assisting youth in making positive life choices is paramount to their healing, reduction in risky behaviors that lead to criminal arrest and future success.


Our Team

Keyon L. Dooling

Natosha Dooling

Joe Toliver