“The Respect Foundation’s provides vital information about encompassing values around respecting others, life skill building and character development in a fun and engaging way.”

The Respect Foundation

The Initiative

The Respect Foundation was founded by Keyon L. Dooling and his wife Natosha Dooling in 2012. The mission of the organization is to provide support, resources and information to help ensure the safety of all children regardless of age, race or sex.


An initiative that educates minds and changes lives

The I AM RESPECT TOUR is an awareness initiative facilitated by former NBA player Keyon Dooling.  In this program, Mr. Dooling shares his experience with overcoming sexual abuse, mental health and rising to the top of his game. Dooling’s courage to share his story is remarkable and intended to help others who have faced abuse get to a place of healing and restoration. He also gives out his program module called the What’s Driving You??? Bundle which features music, his book and a planned out e-Learning module that helps to sustain the lessons learnt at every tour stop.

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